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About Reflex Fiction

Welcome to Reflex Fiction, a quarterly, international flash fiction competition for stories between 180 and 360 words. The Spring 2017 competition is now closed. We’ll announce the long-list on April 1, 2017.

The Summer 2017 competition is now open for entries:

Winner: £1,000
Second: £500
Third: £250
(or the equivalent in your local currency)

Judge: Vanessa Gebbie

Entry fee: £7 / $9 / €9

Deadline: May 31, 2017
Judging: June, 2017

Long-list announced: July 1, 2017
Winner published: September 30, 2017

When the Reflex Fiction team were discussing how best we could serve the flash fiction community, we came up with two potential models:

  1. Increasing exposure of flash fiction with an open-submissions website where we publish a great piece of flash fiction every day.
  2. Allowing flash fiction writers to earn real money from their writing with a pay-to-enter flash fiction competition.

What did we decide? Both, of course!

Reflex Fiction is a traditional flash fiction competition where entries are read and judged, a long-list created, winners selected, and prizes awarded. It is also a place to share and read fantastic flash fiction.

After the stories have been judged, and we’ve announced the long-list, we’ll publish one story each day as we count down to the publication of the third, second, and first placed stories.

The Reflex Fiction team are all flash fiction writers too, and we know how difficult it can be to let go of a great piece of flash without placing in a competition. That’s why you can opt out of the open-submissions element of Reflex Fiction when you submit your story. Of course, we hope you’ll take part.

All long-listed stories where permission was given by the author will be published on the website. We’ll also publish some of our favourite stories that didn’t quite make the long-list. You can check the website daily at noon to see if your story has been published, or if you’re still in the running for a prize!

If having your story read, appreciated, and commented on by your fellow flash writers is not enough, we’ll also publish a relevant link of your choice with your story. This can be to your personal website or blog, social media profile, Amazon author page, published story etc. So long as it’s relevant to you, and we consider it appropriate for our readers, we’ll publish it with your story, increasing the exposure of you and your writing.

Reflex Fiction is organised by professional editor and amateur writer, David Borrowdale.

Ready to enter? Please read the Rules before submitting your story via the entry form.

Have questions? Ask them via our contact page.