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Author: Nicholas DelloRusso

Warm Rain

It was the most beautiful of summer nights consisting of torrential rain and thick warmth. The contradictory weather acted as a blanket of heat melting Josiah’s mind, with cold streams from above reviving his soul. He sat on the damp pavement waiting. Waiting for consistency. He needed to fully embrace the rain in its glory or be enlightened by the hug of heat. He needed consistency.

“What are you doing out here?” Questioned Bryan.

“Nothing,” answered Josiah.

“Everyone’s inside, come in and have some fun,” urged Bryan.

“Why do you think I’m out here?” Responded Josiah.

“You can’t be serious, Josiah, it’s been over a year now. Just come inside and have some drinks, tonight is going to be great, I promise.”

“Alright, just give me a minute.”

“Sixty seconds that’s all you get, and if you’re not inside by then I’ll drag your miserable ass in myself.”


Josiah remained on the pavement trying to find his reflection in a dark puddle between his legs but found no success. Josiah enjoyed summer in the past, but as of late he couldn’t bring himself to enjoy anything, except Rain, he enjoyed Rain and the company she brought. He usually counts all of her guests that land on his body, but tonight there was only one unwavering flow of water falling on him. It was not an opportune night to be wearing suede shoes but Josiah didn’t check the forecast, he enjoyed Rain’s visits more when they were unexpected. Heat grew constant, maybe that is why he became wearisome in her presence. With Rain, there was no lull. Even in her absence, the anticipation of her next beautiful drop of chaos was enough excitement to last an eternity. With Rain’s chaos came turmoil but with Heat’s familiarity came peace. Rain’s wall of liquid began to crumble, as it collapsed individual drops plummeted to the ground until all the water Rain had to offer lay stagnant in front of Josiah. He was left with nothing but the heavy warmth of Heat’s love.

“Alright, your sixty seconds is up Josiah, let’s go inside.”


Flash Fiction by Nicholas DelloRusso
Picture: Sun Shower by Mark Ramsay under CC BY 2.0