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Autumn 2017 Long-List

Thanks to everyone who entered our Autumn 2017 competition. We received 287 entries from seventeen different countries.

Below, we’ve compiled a long-list of fifty stories. Congratulations to everyone who made the long-list!

If your story is on the long-list and you ticked the permission box (you can check your confirmation email or get in touch with us if you can’t remember), your story will be published on the website between November 21 and December 31. If you didn’t tick the box, your story will only be published if you’ve won a prize. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll let you know if your story is going to be published.

Before we start publishing the long-listed stories, we’ll publish some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the long-list. We’ll be emailing the authors of these stories in the next few days to let them know.

If your story is not on the long-list and you do not hear from us within the next week, it means your entry has not been selected on this occasion.

Here’s the Autumn 2017 publishing schedule in full:

  • October 1–November 20: Stories that just missed the long-list
  • November 21–December 28: Non-winning long-listed stories
  • December 29: Third place story
  • December 30: Second place story
  • December 31: First place story & Judge’s report

Don’t forget, the Winter 2017 competition is now open for entries with Shasta Grant picking the winners.

Autumn 2017 Long-List

A Good Man by Elaine Mead

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Christopher Allen

Actress by Julia Owen

After My Father’s Funeral, I Just Drive by Claudie Whitaker

And So He Dances by Bibi Hamblin

Another Minute, Another Hour, Another Day by Marjan Sierhuis

Ashes to Ashes by Sherri Turner

Bumper Car Voices by Jeremy Hinchliff

Chloe by Eva Eliav

Chrysopoeia on Fessenden Street by Laura Scalzo

Cleaning by Sarah Gillett

Cycling by Matthew Gibson

Genus Pan by Niamh MacCabe

Grandma’s Christmas Cake by Ian J Burton

Henry’s Ways by Sophie van Llewyn

Hobo Heroes by Denise Cowap

House by Niamh MacCabe

In Litore Veritas by Rachael Dunlop

Jimmy Choo Shoes by Shannon Savvas

Layers by Olivia Campbell

Ministry of Quiet Enjoyment by Colin Watts

Mornings by Chris Yeoh

Morris Greene by Nadia Ragbar

Neptune by Laura Kuhlmann

Neptune’s Ocean by Christopher M Drew

November 6th, 2016 by Lee Hamblin

Orienteering for the Gravid by Shannon Savvas

Pandora’s Cat by Tracy Fells

Permanent Jewellery by Paul Croucher

Postpartum by Mary-Jane Holmes

Profit and Loss by Diane Simmons

Promises by Michael Salander

Rabid Dogs by Iona Winter

Replenished by Robert Mason

Rescue Me by Joanna Campbell

Rising to the Challenge by Jean Sheppard

Sleepover by Jason Jackson

Stolen Hours by Sophie van Llewyn

The Box Maker’s Son by Jeremy Hughes

The Chronicle of John by Dee McInnes

The City as Mother by Charlotte Newman

The Colonisation of Ms. Gina Batten by Stephanie Hutton

The English Teacher by Marcie McGuire

The Photographer by Julie Evans

The Pylon by Kelly Griffiths

The Village Burning by Stephen V Ramey

This is How You Mourn Your Father by Fiona J Mackintosh

Two Hundred Years Ago We Would Have Been Dead by Now by Louise Mangos

Undercurrent by Laurie Theurer

Water Baby by Louise Mangos

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