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Below is a list of all authors who have had flash fiction stories published by Reflex Fiction. Click a name to read all flash fiction examples by that author. Authors are listed alphabetically by first name or initial.


Alan Beard, Alex Cox, Ali Bacon, Alice Penfold, Alicia Bakewell, Alison Powell, Alison V King, Alyssa Jordan, Angie Kenny, Anna Nazarova-Evans, Anne Elder, Annie Dawid, Annie Vincent, Anthea Morrison


Brianna Bullen


C S Bowerman, Caitlin Stobie, Cameron Clausen, Carmen Kern, Catherine Cruse, Catherine Edmunds, Catherine McNamara, Charlotte Newman, Charmaine Wilkerson, Chris Ratcliffe, Christina Dalcher, Christopher Allen, Christopher M Drew, Claire Lawrence, Cleveland Moffett, Colin Watts, Courtney Harler


D R D Bruton, Daniel C Hein, Daniel Jervis, Dave Clark, David Drury, Deborah Gang, Deet Urbon, Diane D Gillette, Dionne Sims, Dylan Gauche


E E King, E F S Byrne, Edward Field, Ellan, Elle Dietz, Emily Green, Emily Kim, Emma Dykes, Emma Hart, Erica Plouffe Lazure


Florence Stones, Francesca Andrews


Gary L Sidley, Genelle Chaconas, Gillian Webster, Gilly Gates, Gus Golding, Guy Smith


Heather Anderson, Heather McQuillan


Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Iona Winter, Israela Margalit


J A Gregory, J F King, J L Quinney, J Y Saville, Jane Campion Hoye, Jane Lampard, Jane Lomas, Jane McDermott, Janelle Alyssa Brouet, Janelle Hardacre, Janis Freegard, Jason Jackson, Jenn Hollmeyer, Jennifer Courtenay-Hall, Jenny Roman, Jill Talbot, Jo Gatford, Joel Rawlin, John Holland, Jon Edward, Jonathan Pinnock, Judith Wilson, Julia Robinson, Julian K Jarboe, Julie Dubery, Juliet Staveley, June Hunter


Karen Jones, Kate Jones, Kerri Turner, Kerry Rawlinson, Kirby Wright


L L Madrid, Lee Hamblin, Lindsay Bamfield, Louise Mangos, Luke Carter


Madeleine McDonald, Margaret McGoverne, Marianne Simon, Marie Gethins, Marjorie Thomsen, Mary Bevan, Matthew Roy Davey, Melissa Fu, Melissa Goode, Michael Seese, Michelle Matheson, Mohini Malhotra, Mureall Hebert


Nadeem Holland, Naomi Shuyama, Nedjelko Spaich, Nicholas DelloRusso, Nkone Chaka


Oliver Barton


Paige Lowe, Parker McIntosh, Patrick May, Penny Monro, Philip Webb Gregg


R Coupland, Rachel Smith, Ralph Wahlstrom, Reno Evangelista, Richard Fray, Rob Walton, Ros Collins


S A Stockmeister, S D Pitman, Sarah Dobbs, Sarah Peploe, Sherry Morris, Sibéal Devilly, Siren Knight, Y Oliver, Sharon Telfer, Taria Karillion, Helen Rye, Sophie Petrie, Stacy Trautwein Burns, Stephanie Hutton, Stephen Mander, Stephen McGuinness, Steve Richardson, Steven John, Sue Johnson, Susan E Barsby, Sylvia Petter


T D Edge, Terry Jude Miller, Theseus Wisteria, Thomas Simpson, Tobias Baudry, Tom O’Brien, Tracy Fells


Victoria MacKenzie


Will Bonner

Please let us know if you’d like your author name changed or if your stories are listed under multiple pen names and we’ll be happy to make a correction.

This page is updated weekly. Last updated: September 22, 2017.

Picture: Writer by Mario Mancuso under CC BY 2.0