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Flash Fiction Forum Rules

We know the flash fiction community is a fair and honest one, but for the sake of completeness, here are some rules to make the forum a safe space. These are likely to evolve over time so check back occasionally to refresh your memory. And, as always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

  1. No spam. We want to promote quality discussion. Short replies such as ‘lol’, ‘nice one’, ‘I agree’ will be deleted.
  2. Respect other users. No flaming or abusing fellow forum members. Users who continue to post inflammatory, abusive comments will be deleted from the forum after two warnings are issued by moderators.
  3. Keep criticism civil. It’s okay to criticise a story, but criticism should be constructive and civil. If you don’t like a story and don’t have anything constructive to say about it, say nothing.
  4. Excessive self-promotion. We want people to share their stories and publications, but excessive self-promotion such as multiple posts linking to Amazon products will be deleted.
  5. Keep things tidy. Post in relevant sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be moved to the correct forum by moderators.
  6. No harassment. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behaviour is grounds for deletion from the forums.
  7. No adult material. No profanity or pornography is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted.
  8. No copyrighted content. No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted. If you want to discuss a story found on another website, post a link and a short excerpt.
  9. Help us moderate. If you see a violation, please report it by clicking on the exclamation mark at the bottom right of the offending post.