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It’s All in the Head

Jimmy had a big nose. He always said it made his head look stupid. Every time he went to the hairdresser, he told him, Give me a haircut that doesn’t make my head look stupid.

His hairdresser tried everything, from a high fade with a hard part and a quiff, to short hair with a cropped fringe. Once he even gave Jimmy a man bun. But Jimmy was never happy with the result.

One day, his hairdresser scrambled his courage together and said, Have you ever considered plastic surgery? He held his hand mirror to the side of Jimmy’s head so he could see it in profile and said, If you get the bridge of your nose lowered to get a classic Roman nose, that could, you know, maybe make a difference.

Jimmy looked at him and said, See, that’s why I love hairdressers: sooner or later they’ll tell you the truth.

A few weeks after the surgery, when the swelling had gone down and the blue-green of his skin disappeared, Jimmy went back to his hairdresser. He sat down and said, Give me a haircut that doesn’t make my head look stupid.

Flash Fiction by Bart Van Goethem
Picture: Drop by Thomas Hubauer under CC BY 2.0
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Published in Winter 2017


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