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Spring 2017 Published Stories

445 Days by Julie Dubery

A Fairytale by Catherine Cruse

A Father’s Gift by Jane Lomas

A Practiced Silence by Christopher Allen

Abby and Al in the Desert, Together by Annie Dawid

Adam by Charlotte Newman

Addendum to the Art Loss Register by Heather McQuillan

Ageless by Israela Margalit

An Elegy for Airplanes by Daniel C Hein

Barely Casting a Shadow by Alicia Bakewell

Battered by Jenny Roman

Benny by Stephen McGuinness

Between the Lines by Mary Bevan

Blood in the Oil Sands by Parker McIntosh

Blue Monday by Gus Golding

Canoe by Steven John

Canvass by J F King

Chips by Oliver Barton

Cover by Sarah Peploe

Crib Champion by Jill Talbot

Currents by Kerry Rawlinson

Dead and Buried by Alison Powell

Deception by June Hunter

Deprivation by Juliet Staveley

Desert Flower by Diane D Gillette

Desire by Anthea Morrison

Disconnected by Paige Lowe

Dogs by Catherine Edmunds

Fire by Ralph Wahlstrom

God by Philip Webb Gregg

Green Thumb by Mureall Hebert

Hot Wheels by C S Bowerman

How to Lie by Naomi Shuyama

Human, Nature by Caitlin Stobie

Immigrant Song by Patrick May

Jellyfish by Kate Jones

Journey by Sue Johnson

Ladies Night by Deborah Gang

Ladybird by Iona Winter

Ladybird by Alan Beard

Last Wishes by Madeleine McDonald

Light from Above by Matthew Roy Davey

Little Button by S A Stockmeister

Lost Girl by Daniel Jervis

Mara’s Blood Fingers by T D Edge

Marsh Keeper’s Daughter by Marianne Simon

Midsummer’s Eve by Ros Collins

My Loneliness by Reno Evangelista

Naked on the Train by Tom O’Brien

Never Bigger Than an Orange by Stephanie Hutton

No Mirrors by Lindsay Bamfield

No Woman Is by Rob Walton

Not Going Out by Emma Dykes

Numbers by Sibéal Devilly

On Consignment by Marjorie Thomsen

Only by Nkone Chaka

Outside the Big Top by S D Pitman

Rosemary on the Wind by Alison V King

Sarah by Dave Clark

Sauna by Kirby Wright

Shells by Julia Robinson

Stone by Jason Jackson

Strawberry Jam by Emily Green

Surrendering Camille by Stephen Mander

Tabula Rasa by Catherine McNamara

The Elephant Isn’t Dancing by Penny Monro

The Husband Who Went for a Walk by Janelle Hardacre

The Invisible Woman by J Y Saville

The Jump by Tobias Baudry

The Palace by Claire Lawrence

The Rain Around Here by Rachel Smith

The Return by Kerri Turner

The Return by Jane Lampard

The River in Her by Jenn Hollmeyer

The Smell of Ginger by Anna Nazarova-Evans

The Valley by John Holland

The Way We Weren’t by Christina Dalcher

The Window by Lee Hamblin

The Wishbone by Sylvia Petter

This Is Not Who We Are by Stacy Trautwein Burns

Tick Tick by Chris Ratcliffe

Time Out by Francesca Andrews

Today I Will Wear the Blue Cotton by D R D Bruton

Unremarkable Remarkable First Encounters by Brianna Bullen

Vessels by Susan E Barsby

Waiting for Spring by Sophie Petrie

What Are Friends For? by Cleveland Moffett

What the Garden Knows That the Summit Doesn’t by Melissa Fu

When Is It Time to Go Home? by Ellan

Wild Bruises and Mechanical Birds in the Blackened Hours by L L Madrid

Womb by Mohini Malhotra