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Summer 2017 Long-List

Thanks to everyone who entered our Summer 2017 competition. We received 313 entries from twenty-five different countries.

Below, we’ve compiled a long-list of fifty stories. Congratulations to everyone who made the long-list!

If your story is on the long-list and you ticked the permission box (you can check your confirmation email or get in touch with us if you can’t remember), your story will be published on the website between August 27 and September 30. If you didn’t tick the box, your story will only be published if you’ve won a prize. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll let you know if your story is going to be published.

Before we start publishing the long-listed stories, we’ll publish some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the long-list. We’ll be emailing the authors of these stories in the next few days to let them know.

If your story is not on the long-list and you do not hear from us within the next week, it means your entry has not been selected on this occasion.

Here’s the Summer 2017 publishing schedule in full:

  • July 1–August 25: Stories that just missed the long-list
  • August 26–September 27: Non-winning long-listed stories
  • September 28: Third place story
  • September 29: Second place story
  • September 30: First place story & Judge’s report

Don’t forget, the Autumn 2017 competition is now open for entries with Tim Stevenson picking the winners.

Summer 2017 Long-List

360 Words in Purgatory by Tim Kenny

Baptism of Fire by Christopher M Drew

Best Friends by Y Oliver

Black Leaves by Alicia Bakewell

Blooming by Susan Hodgetts

Blown to Bits by Jean Sheppard

Breathless by Judith Wilson

Butterscotch by Melissa Goode

Coffee and Kafka by Sherry Morris

Crushed by Marie Gethins

Emerald by Melissa Goode

Every Seventh Wave by Ali Bacon

Family Crucifix by Mark Wacome Stevick

Fly Away Home by Helen Rye

For Brothers and Lovers by Mollie Backowski

His Art by Edward Field

I Ain’t No Fairy Tale Woodcutter by Christina Dalcher

Inheritance by Tracy Fells

Jesuses, Marys and Julian by Naomi Shuyama

Looking for Clues by Sean Baker

Medium Sliced Humanity by Taria Karillion

My Mother Told Me by Sarah Dobbs

Over There by Chris Rafferty

RoadThrill by C S Bowerman

Saving Lucy Maybe by Deet Urbon

Scrabble by Rosie Canning

Second Class Return to Brighton by Alex Cox

Solo for Two by Barbara Renel

Something Like Peace by Alyssa Jordan

Sometimes I Wish That You’d Spontaneously Combust by Alison Powell

Space Shuttle by Jason Jackson

Stop, Stop, Stop, Go by Stephanie Hutton

Take My Hand by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

The Distance From Daddy in Imperial Measurement by Stephanie Hutton

The Feather by John Holland

The Man Himself by Colin Watts

The Mean Girls of Camp Kennedy by Erica Plouffe Lazure

The Merboy in Her Life by Laine Cunningham

The Night is Another World by Simon P Clark

The Shore Road by Margaret McGoverne

The Sign by Maxine Hillier

The Sweetest Poison Kills You Slowest by Sharon Telfer

The Weight of Water by Louise Mangos

Third’s the Charm by Jo Gatford

Unthinkably, I Leave You by Victoria Richards

Vox by Steve Richardson

Waiting at the Door by J A Gregory

When My Father Asks What I Learned in School Today I Will Tell Him I Learned to Keep My Thoughts to Myself by Heather McQuillan

Wild Roses by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Wildflower by Heather Anderson

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