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Summer 2017 Published Stories

360 Words in Purgatory by Tim Kenny

A Moving Story by Gilly Gates

A Sense of Adventure by Joel Rawlin

A Song About a Dog Named Raisin by Elle Dietz

A Woman’s Duty by Emma Hart

Abandoned Unicorn by Terry Jude Miller

Actor, Broadway, 1961 by Guy Smith

Alien Skin by Carmen Kern

Amongst Other Things by Siren Knight

An Ordeal by Nedjelko Spaich

Avoiding Pterodactyls by Alex Cox

Baby Steps by Alicia Bakewell

Baptism of Fire by Christopher M Drew

Best Friends by Y Oliver

Black Leaves by Alicia Bakewell

Breathless by Judith Wilson

Brush Strokes by Jon Edward

Butterscotch by Melissa Goode

Clean Cursed by David Drury

Co-Dependency by Florence Stones

Coffee and Kafka by Sherry Morris

Combining by John Holland

Crushed by Marie Gethins

Dancing in the Rain by Anne Elder

Dancing Like Gene Kelly by E E King

Drinks With Sheila and John (Deceased) by R Coupland

Echo by Steve Richardson

Eleven Eleven by Luke Carter

Emerald by Melissa Goode

Every Seventh Wave by Ali Bacon

Evolved by Emily Kim

Eyebrows by Charmaine Wilkerson

Father’s Day by Karen Jones

Fly Away Home by Helen Rye

Fools by J L Quinney

For Brothers and Lovers by Mollie Backowski

Fresh by Nadeem Holland

Haptic Memory by Victoria MacKenzie

His Art by Edward Field

I Ain’t No Fairy Tale Woodcutter by Christina Dalcher

I Think We’re a Clone Now by Jonathan Pinnock

Inheritance by Kerri Turner

Inheritance by Tracy Fells

Jesuses, Marys and Julian by Naomi Shuyama

Just Twenty-Four Hours by Jennifer Courtenay-Hall

Lacuna by Richard Fray

Life and Death by Cameron Clausen

Life in Pink by Courtney Harler

Looking for Clues by Sean Baker

Making Amends by Gary L Sidley

Medium Sliced Humanity by Taria Karillion

Moonscape by Will Bonner

My Mother Told Me by Sarah Dobbs

Natalia’s Big Secret by E F S Byrne

Only Human by Theseus Wisteria

Paths by Angie Kenny

Piggy by Dylan Gauche

Red Bottomed Out by Janelle Alyssa Brouet

RoadThrill by C S Bowerman

Rosy by Annie Vincent

Saving Lucy Maybe by Deet Urbon

Second Class Return to Brighton by Alex Cox

Something Like Peace by Alyssa Jordan

Space Shuttle by Jason Jackson

Spartan Birds by Thomas Simpson

Stop, Stop, Stop, Go by Stephanie Hutton

Taking Its Toll by Gillian Webster

The Accountant’s Day Off by Kerry Rawlinson

The Art of Navigating by Dionne Sims

The Burden of Proof by Jane McDermott

The Event by Matthew Roy Davey

The Feather by John Holland

The Man Himself by Colin Watts

The Mean Girls of Camp Kennedy by Erica Plouffe Lazure

The Shore Road by Margaret McGoverne

The Sweetest Poison Kills You Slowest by Sharon Telfer

The Visit by Janis Freegard

The Weight of Water by Louise Mangos

The Woman on the Sofa by Jane Campion Hoye

Third’s the Charm by Jo Gatford

Three-Shot Induction by Annie Dawid

True Wisdom by Colin Watts

Unfitting Skin by Alice Penfold

Unscheduled by Genelle Chaconas

Waiting at the Door by J A Gregory

Wake Word by Julian K Jarboe

Warm Rain by Nicholas DelloRusso

Which? by Michael Seese

Wild Roses by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Wildflower by Heather Anderson

Your Broken Eyes by Michelle Matheson