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Winter 2017 Long-List

Thanks to everyone who entered our Winter 2017 competition. We received 247 entries from twenty different countries.

Below, we’ve compiled a long-list of fifty stories. Congratulations to everyone who made the long-list!

If your story is on the long-list and you ticked the permission box (you can check your confirmation email or get in touch with us if you can’t remember), your story will be published on the website between March 1* and March 31. If you didn’t tick the box, your story will only be published if you’ve won a prize. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll let you know if your story is going to be published.

Before we start publishing the long-listed stories, we’ll publish some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the long-list. We’ll be emailing the authors of these stories in the next few days to let them know.

If your story is not on the long-list and you do not hear from us within the next week, it means your entry has not been selected on this occasion.

Here’s the Winter 2017 publishing schedule in full:

  • January 1–February 22*: Stories that just missed the long-list
  • February 23*–March 28: Non-winning long-listed stories
  • March 29: Third place story
  • March 30: Second place story
  • March 31: First place story & Judge’s report

*Dates subject to change due to withdrawals etc.

Don’t forget, the Spring 2018 competition is now open for entries with Michelle Elvy picking the winners.

Winter 2017 Long-List

A Floating Island by Christopher M Drew

A Hope in Hell by Louise Mangos

Anger Management by Charmaine Wilkerson

Aspects of My Father by Stephanie Hutton

Avocado by Lee Hamblin

Battle of Brushes by Claire Polders

Best Take Your Bike by Courtney Harler

Better Words by Debbie Bayne

Blood in the Water by Cat Pritchard

Bones by Jeanette Sheppard

Boy and Rat by Rose McDonagh

Coda by James Smart

Decision Making for the Middle-Aged Woman by Sherri Turner

Do Sit Still, Prudence Dear by Cheryl Nicol

Dog Days by Damhnait Monaghan

For Your Boy by Debbi Voisey

Ghosts in the Machine by Al Kratz

Grief for Beginners by Karen Jones

His Kiss by Alan McCormick

Hope on a Loop by Eilise Norris

House by Niamh MacCabe

If I Told You, You Wouldn’t Have by Lesley C Weston

It Had to Happen by Diane Simmons

Maintaining Balance by Elaine Dillon

Misspoken by Heather McQuillan

No Time for Stories by Annie Q Syed

Our London by Victoria Richards

Oxymoron by Lorraine Cooke

Poised for Flight by Alicia Bakewell

Porkin’ in Heaven by Sharon Boyle

Remote by Mary Thompson

Salt Lake by Melissa Jacob

Seven Fold by Cosi Nayovitz

Shrink by Julia Paillier

Six of Clubs by Niamh MacCabe

Some Stains Are More Stubborn Than Others by Emily Devane

Stone by Alison Woodhouse

Storm Drain by Billy Boyle

The Art of Putting Coins in Vending Machines by Philip Young

The Burr That Snags Me by Raewyn Bassett

The Cream-Coloured Dogs by Rose McDonagh

The Foxes by Adrian Plau

The Geometry of Want by Joely Dutton

The Word Thief by Victoria Richards

Tom Thumb Has a Daughter by Eilise Norris

Watch Yourself Burn by Annie Q Syed

We Fell by E

What Happened to the Things I Used to Think Were Cool by Anna Nazarova-Evans

Work Drinks by Claire Bourke

You Two Together? by Judith Wilson

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Published in Winter 2017


  1. Raewyn Bassett Raewyn Bassett

    What a wonderful way to start the new year! Congratulations to all long listed authors.

  2. Chris Law Chris Law

    One of these days the smoke will clear and I will get published. Wishing everyone well for their efforts 2018.
    Chris Law.

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